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Self diagnosis of genital warts with vinegar - Question

I got thrush really bad after a sexual encounter which involved me drinking lots of beer and unfortunately I was in no state to demand a condom I barely remember anything! I am so ashamed.
I have treated myself for thrush but still feel little twitchy itchy sensations in and around my vagina. I googled everything and saw how I could use vinegar to show if I had genital warts and it showed milky...

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Yahoo answersPeople that has been diagnosis with genital warts, could you tell me somethings from your personal experience?

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    You can 't be serious. Why would anyone answer this question honestly? Do you really expect someone to answer this question?

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    Using data through 2010, the scientists compared the rates of testing or diagnosis of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection and contraceptive counseling between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. They found little difference between them. “I

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    Since 2006, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that girls ages 11 receive three doses of the vaccine to protect them from HPV, which is transmitted through sexual activity and can cause genital warts and cervical, penile

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    Gardasil vaccination has been promoted by health authorities and the CDC for the past six years as prophylactic protection against infection by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that can lead to cervical cancer, abnormal pap smears and genital warts in

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