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Maybe around 2 years ago I received oral sex from some lady.i was like 16 years old. But to get to the point. I'm starting to get,just 1, bump on my shaft of penis. It looks like a Pimple for sure. I squeezed it and white stuff came out like a pimple,can that be herpes or genital warts .are genital warts curable?.....and if u had genital warts would i have multiple bumps or just one? I need a lot of info...

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Yahoo answersIf you had genital warts is it possible to get them on 4 different occasions in one year?

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    Its possible. If you want to know if its a wart, take some paper towel or ball of cotton and put vinegar on the site for 3 mins or so. If it turns white then its is probable that it could be a...

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Can you get just one genital wart? - Yahoo! Answers
Best Answer: if you have wart down there then that means that you have genital wart ! and if you have one then there is pretty much possibility that you can ...

When You Have Genital Warts Do You Have A Lot Of Them Or Just One ... fills you in on the topic, when you have genital warts do you have a lot of them or just one wart, with a wealth of fact sheets, expert advice, community ...

What do genital warts look like? can you have just one or two ...
Best Answer: Genital warts come in different shapes and sizes. They can be a bump or a skin tag appearance. They vary in size and shape, they can be very ...

Genital Warts - Symptoms, Treatment & Removal
And some produce genital warts . Most genital warts are caused by one of two types of HPV ... That's why a lot of people choose to just wait for the warts to go away on ...

Genital warts | AAD - American Academy of Dermatology
Of the 100 or so types of HPV, just a few can cause genital warts . ... You can get more than one type of HPV. There are many ways to treat genital warts.

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