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Yahoo answersTreatment for genital warts on mouth?

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    A nasty blast of liquid nitrogen .... :( sorry.

The Best Treatment for Warts |
The Best Treatment for Warts. The best treatment for warts usually ... of diseases including common warts, genital warts and ... Probably the fastest way to remove a wart is ...

What are the fastest way to treat genital warts? | Genital Warts
Bug writed: I am diagnosed with genital warts but I am wondering what is like the fastest treatment? I am using Aldara cream right now, and so far it's been a

What is the fastest way to heal genital warts?? - Yahoo! Answers
Best Answer: the fastest way (which I do not think there is one ) but in my opinion would be to 1) go to the doctor to get necessary treatment if you have ...

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You can remove your genital warts SAFELY with DermaTend. It is the fastest way to remove genital warts, and ... of antiviral medications for my treatment of genital warts and ...

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