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Top of Utah pumpkins proving popular -- warts and all - StandardNet

Some pumpkins are born warty; others achieve it.

Some seed companies market to growers who specifically want warty pumpkins, but Utah farmers are agriculturally trendy this year because of a virus.

Disease-carrying aphids caused many local pumpkins to develop warts and green stripes, said James Barnhill, Utah State University agricultural extension agent for Weber and Morgan counties.



Yahoo answersHow do you cure warts naturaly?

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    Warts are caused by a virus. Eventually his immune system will kick in and destroy the virus and the wart will go away. Unfortunately, this is a very slow process - a year or so- partly because...

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  • Top of Utah pumpkins proving popular -- warts and all

    “We called the extension agent right away, but by the time we knew what we had, there was nothing we could use to cure it. We live on a very fragile planet that no one understands.” Wasatch Front farmers are just starting to grow the new pumpkin varieties.

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